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3rd International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Composition of Melodrama
Prague 8th September – 29th October 2023

Competition Rules – Composition for Recitation and Piano

The Competition is organized under the auspices of:
Zdeněk Fibich Society and Department of Music Theory of the Academy of Performing Arts

In collaboration with
The Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
The Prague Conservatoire
College of Acting, Prague

With the support of
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
OSA Foundation – Partner
Nadace Život umělce Foundation
Český hudební fond Foundation

The International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Composition of Melodrama is held under the patronage of the Czech Commission of UNESCO

Organization Committee:
Director of the Competition: Prof. Jiří Bezděk, Ph.D.
Department of Music Theory of the Academy of Performing Arts
Malostranské nám. 13, Praha 1

Secretariat of Competition
Secretary of Competition: Mgr. Darina Svobodová
tel.: +420 224 497 733

Společnost Zdeňka Fibicha
In: České muzeum hudby
Karmelitská 2
118 00 Praha 1


The Competition is intended for composers without age and nationality restrictions. The Competition is anonymous, the composer is assigned a code under which is kept the entire time. Each composer can send on the occasion of the third year of the Competition 1 to 3 new melodramas, but each piece must be signed separately (including the participation fee). It is not possible for a composer to enter the Competition under a different name or pseudonym.
If any of the following conditions are not fulfilled, the composition will be discarded at any stage of the Competition.

The Primary assignment of the Competition

The subscribed composition must meet the following requirements:



Those interested in participating in the Competition will fill in the application form, which they will find on the website (section Composition Competition 2021) and send it by email to the Secretariat of the Competition: in the time period from 1st to 8th September 2023.

Attaches to the application

As the Competition is anonymous, the name of the author must not be mentioned on any of these materialsjust the name of the work. The author’s name will be listed only on the application form. Applications and Competition material will be sent to the Secretary of the Competition, who will assign them a numeric code under which they will be kept throughout the whole Competition. Applications will be archived in the Secretariat of the Competition and will be declassified after the publication of the results of the Competition.

Application Deadline – 8th September 2023 at 12 p.m.

Participation fee

The application is valid after paying the subscription fee. The attendance fee is 500 CZK. The attendance fee must be paid to account 51–1079090217/0100, IBAN: CZ3001000000511079090217, BIC / SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX, with the name of the sender, not later than 10th September 2023, with all bank charges being paid by the participant. The fee is non-refundable, it serves to cover the administrative costs of the Competition. Only after receiving the participation fee can the composition be definitively included in the Competition.

Procedure and venue of the Competition

The Competition is two-round:

The first round of the Competition is exclusive, it is carried out through in the form of distribution of the Competition materials to a three-member committee of experts, consisting of members of the Organizing committee of the Competition. They will select maximum of 10 compositions after their in-depth study, which will advance to the second round of the Competition.Those who proceed to the 2nd round of the Competition will be announced on the Competition website under their author’s code no later than 30th September 2023.

In the second round of the Competition, the selected compositions will be judged by a 5-member expert jury, who will then take part in the live performance of these compositions at the public Concert of the Winners, which will take place on 29st October 2023 at 6.30 p. m. in the Gallery of the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Malostranské náměstí 13, Prague 1.
The works will be staged by professional artists led by professional directors. Their performance will be followed by a final evaluation of the jury. The jury will select and announce the three main prizes. In parallel, a poll among the audience and a poll among the participating artists will take place. The Award of Audience and Award of Artist will be attached to the jury’s Main prizes.
It is only after the results of the jury have been announced that the codes under which the compositions have been registered and the authors will be presented to the public if they attend the ceremony in person. To the results will be announced within 14 days of the ceremony and the prizes will be credited to their account.


The jury of the 3rd International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Composition of Melodrama consists of specialists in musical composition, theory, dramaturgy, direction, and spoken word – melodrama specialists. The jury of the second round consists of five members and changes every year. A permanent member of the jury is the Competition Director, or another authorized member of the professional implementation team. The final composition of the jury will be announced prior to the commencement of the Competition.

Competition evaluation system

Criteria for evaluating the melodramas are fixed. Individual aspects of the composition are scored:

Each member of the jury evaluates the individual performance of the performing duo with marks 1 – 5 (range 6 – 30 points). Total of marks for one composition from all 5 jurors can thus reach 30 – 150 points. (Less points means a better result. The best possible point score is 30 points.) According to the scoring results, the jury has the right not to award any of the prizes, or to merge or divide the prizes.

There is no appeal from the jury’s statement.


For the composers of the third year of the International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in  Composition of Melodrama are listed the following prices:

Main Prizes:

Other Awards:

In the following year 2024, the melodrama that won the 1st prize will be announced as a mandatory score for the 3rd round of the International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Interpretation of Melodrama.

Copyrights of the Competition compositions

The competing authors remain to be the copyright owners of the registered compositions. The performance of their melodramas at the final concert will be announced to the Copyright Association. In case of using a copyrighted text / translation, the author is obliged to ensure the consent of the author of the text / translation and attach it to the application form.


By sending the filled in application form, the authors of the submitted compositions agree with the archival of their compositions and their subsequent use for research purposes, for the purpose of the International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Interpretation of Melodrama or MELODRAMFEST at any time in the future.

Note: If the composer will participate in more than one year of the Competition, he / she is obliged to bring a novelty to each year. (Tracks cannot be re-registered once again.)

These Competition conditions were issued in accordance with the Status of the International Zdeněk Fibich Competition in Composition of Melodrama amended on 15th January 2019.
Competition conditions are published in Czech and English. In the case of a dispute the Czech version is decisive.