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23. 9. 2022

Hippodamia according to Fibich’s urtext – part 2

The second part of the several-year project – the concert performance of the Hippodamia trilogy for the first time in a critical edition of the text based on Fibich’s autograph score continues with the presentation of the 2nd volume, Smír Tantalův. Well-known actors Miloslav Mejzlík and Dita Hořínková, Zbigniew Kalina, Jaroslav Slánský, Filip Sychra and a number of actors from the Kladno theater will appear in the production. The North Bohemian Philharmonic Teplice once again took over the musical component. The production is being prepared by director Věra Šustíková and conductor Jiří Petrdlík. The concert will take place in the Municipal Theater in Kladno.

Please note: the originally planned November date of the concert had to be postponed to Tuesday, January 17, 2023 for technical reasons.